Structural Mezzanine Floors

structural mezzanine floor extensions

When looking at the absolute best way to optimize your current warehouse situation, why not look at expanding and investing on a Structural Mezzanine floor. Design and engineered to meet specific client needs. Installed and certified to meet specific floor loads. Structural Mezzanine floors can be used to expand warehouse space by utilizing and converting available height into warehouse space. … Read More

Retail store revamp

Retail store mezzanine floor

A rather interesting project presented itself to us in the form of an existing frame supported mezzanine floor that had to be dismantled and re-worked to fit now not only on top of a concrete slab but underneath as well. All existing frame work was split in half and re-braced to allow for new frame heights with new beam placements … Read More

Existing mezzanine floor extension

Mezzanine floor extension

A simple on the eye, but yet complicated installation took place when we had to complete an extension onto an existing frame supported mezzanine floor. The catch, the existing racking material was an imported product and not compatible to product available in South Africa. We ended up manufacturing 4200mm x 155mm box beams with special bolt on connectors that we … Read More