Mobile Shelving


Excellent way to utilise floor space

Mobile shelving uses a sliding system which is fitted to specially engineered metal tracking on the floor, allowing them to roll forward and backwards using either a manual or chain driven system.

Mobile shelving will be installed with safety in mind and will come equipped with anti-tilt brackets, specially fabricated as a base bracket or top rail bracket.

Systems will be equipped with either a steel handle, bolted to the shelf sides to ensure easy manual operating, or can be installed as a mechanical chain driven system and will then come equipped with a steering wheel bolted onto a mechanical chain drive to operate heavier and larger shelving units.  Mobile shelving units can be installed equipped with a lock box so that when the system is not in use all confidential documentation can be securely stored.

Mobile shelving is an excellent way to utilise floor space with up to 90% of available floor space to be shelved. Aisle space can be limited to one aisle of between 750mm to 900mm wide.

  • Securely store/archive large quantities of documents.
  • With the lock box installed, restricted access to confidential documentation is ensured.
  • Maximise storage on limited floor area available.
Mobile Shelving

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